Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Understanding The Nature Of Plumbism

Plumbism is a chronic form of poisoning caused by exposure and absorption of lead or lead salts. In layman’s term, it is lead poisoning. Lead is not naturally present in our system. When it enters our body, it affects the function of our vital organs, thus making the body incapable to function properly.
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There are many sources of lead. Some include paints and pipes. Some paints contain lead which the body ingests without the person knowing it. It slowly retards our mental capacity. Commonly, children are of high risk to lead poisoning. Poor quality of paint in the children’s toys is the main reason for the high occurrence of poisoning. Some pipes in our houses also contain high level of lead. One method to prevent lead contamination from pipes is through coating them with good quality of paint. The best way to make sure that the paint is lead free is by contracting for professional painters such as a Perth house painter or a commercial painter.

Commercial painters, like those exceptional Painter Perth, make sure that their painting is not only of high quality but free from lead as well.

Lead poisoning had also been common amongst painters. Since it is also associated with painters, it has been known as painter’s colic. But as technology improved, incidence had dramatically decreased when lead-free paints started to replace the lead-based ones. Other terms for plumbism are colica Pictunom, saturnism and Devon colic.

Manifestations of plumbism include sudden changes in behaviour, abdominal discomfort which includes nausea and vomiting, a change in the level of consciousness, mental retardation especially for children and even coma.

Long term exposure affects the brain functions which may lead to poor intelligence and memory loss. Moreover, it may also affect the kidneys, joints and the formation of red blood cells. Effects can be temporary or permanent.

Diagnosis of plumbism is through a thorough history taking and meticulous physical exam. A blood test reveals abnormally high lead levels.

Avoidance of exposure to lead is the primary goal to prevent plumbism. An exposed patient should identify the source of lead to prevent further exposure. Treatment also includes chelation therapy. It is process wherein the exposed client is administered with chelating agent to remove the lead to the body.

Removal of lead may take a longer period although it depends on the level of lead present in the body. During chelation therapy, the patient undergoes different diagnostic exams to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy and to gauge the extent of the damage.

Patients may fully recover from lead poisoning depending on prompt diagnosis. Some acquires a lifelong effect though. In these situations, patients and their family members should fully understand the avoidance of areas with high lead levels.
A healthy and lead-free home is of utmost importance. With this, families should reassess the place they live in. Remove the source of lead which can be old wall paints and repaint with the help of professional Perth house painters. Other sources could be your old pipe line. Old pipe lines should be replaced and repainted by a Perth painter using quality paints. This may be a tiresome task; but making sure that your home is free from any lead is totally worth it.

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