Thursday, September 12, 2013

Painter Perth: A Hue That Suits You

Psychologically, colours are able to influence how we feel. You might be wondering how? Colours and mood are inextricably connected. 

There are many reasons why colours are able to affect our mood. We react to multiple associations with colours based on our social culture and or personal relationship with it. Light colours can create jaunty mood while dark ones tend to be a bit heavy. Choice of colour can also reflect your personality.

Before you choose a paint colour for your home or office, let us know more about the psychology of colours. Here is an informative list of primary colours and how it can verily affect your behaviour, such as:
Blue has the colour of the sky and thus considered calm, serene, and relaxing. It has the ability to lower down temper or blood pressure and respiration rate. Therefore, it is best to choose light blue to be the main colour of the room for a soothing effect. 

However, furnishings must go with contrasting warm colours to make balance. Also, do not use dark shades of blue because it has the opposite effect that can trigger depression. 

Green has the colour of nature. It is the combination of calm blue and cheerful yellow so it can accommodate any part of the house. Green is conceived to relieve stress and can cool down a warm environment. More so, it is a good choice for the bedroom because it is believed to increase fertility.

Red warms up the atmosphere and energy level. It is a best pick if you want to boost up excitement. More so, red has the ability to attract conversation so it is good for the living room and dining room. 

Restaurants or any food house often uses red because it raises appetite. Also, it can create a strong impression when applied in entries. However, red is believed to raise blood pressure as opposed to blue.
Red is known to be intense, seductive and boosts up one’s adrenaline unlike other colours. That is why it is used for emergency cautions as it has the colour of fire.

Combining these primary colours create another mood or impression. The thought that colours can affect daily lives, choosing a colour to paint your house makes it a difficult job. Nevertheless, Perth house painters can always guide you to make your house as inviting as ever.

For queries, contact Painter Perth. We are more than willing to help you.

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