Thursday, September 26, 2013

Painter Perth: Tips on Surviving Freshman Year

College is where the real fun begins. This is the stage where you will experience sleepless nights, either from studying or from partying or even both. This is where you will meet several classes of people that you never knew existed.

The transition from high school to college is not as easy as you think, especially for students who are a bit shy during their high school days. The atmosphere in college is more intense and the people are much brutal compared to your high school days -- but the experience will be surely priceless.

This experience can be as good as having plenty of friends, parties and passing college with good grades or having no friends, no party invites and dropping school. To make sure you survive college, you must first survive being a freshman.

Painter Perth, a leading painting company in Perth, will step out of the box to give you tips on surviving your freshman year in college. 

Be wise in picking your schedule
Choosing your schedule is a very important phase in surviving your freshman year. As mentioned, college is not like high school. Back to back classes are not a good idea in your college years. Choose a schedule where you have medium class intervals.

However, do not pick classes that are too late and too early because you will risk your “party time” and of course, “study time”. If you have a friend that goes to the same school, then it is best to pick classes where you would be classmates.

Attend Classes
Always attend classes, especially the first day. This is where you will know what to expect and you can assess your classmates and professors, --- although not all attends the first day, especially old college students. 

Every meeting in your college classes is important. No matter how tardy and lazy your professor is, you should never miss a class. Going to a class drunk can also be a fun thing in college, just be responsible and cautious, though.

This is also a good way to meet new friends and be invited to parties. Moreover, having good grades and being smart is much sexier more than anything.  

Keep everything balance
The most important thing in life can also be applied in your college days -- that is keeping everything in moderation. Have time to study your lessons and have time to party or go out with friends. Too much of anything can inflict serious mental, emotional and physical damage to anyone.

To those that are planning to live in dormitories, here is a quick tip from Painter Perth decorators: keep your room as comfortable as you want it to be. If you have a roommate, then make an agreement on your house rules.

Going to college is an awesome privilege that many are just dreaming of. So, do not waste yours!Be reminded by Perth Painting to be responsible in everything that you do and to always keep things balanced.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painter Perth’s Guide to Painting Aged Wooden Chairs

Painting an aged wooden chair can be a fun activity. Whether the reason is restoring the quality of the chair, exploring your artistic side or painting out of boredom, you will surely have a fun time because you can simply start over if you do not like the outcome.
Painter in Perth, a leading painting company, gives you a simple guideline on how to effectively paint an aged wooden chair. Preparing and setting all the materials needed is obviously the first thing to do. After the materials have been prepared, follow these simple tips and you are all set.

Give the old chair a nice bath

Wash your aged chair thoroughly with a piece of cloth that is soaked in water and soap. This is to remove the God knows how many years’ worth of cobwebs and dust on it. Let it air-dry or for faster results, you can use a fan.

A rough aged chair needs to be smoothen

Use a sandpaper to remove old paint as well as to smooth the rough surface of the chair. In case there are nail holes or any imperfections, it is advised to use Wood putty. Allow the chair to dry before using the handy sand paper for clearing the excess Wood putty.

Wipe out the remaining dirt in the aged chair

Use a specialized wiping cloth, tack cloth, to clean off all the dust made by the sand paper. This is the last step before the fun begins. Also, remember to use a slightly damp tack cloth and let it dry before moving on.

The Painting Part

This is where the fun part begins.  However, first you need to put a cloth under the chair to catch all the paint spills. Prepare the paint by carefully stirring it and it is best if you flip the chair and start with the legs, then the rest of the body.

Use different kinds of colours and you can be as abstract as you can. Try using different sizes of paintbrush to make the painting activity more fun.

Perth Painting suggests using spray paints if you are looking for a fast-paced painting activity. Make sure to properly shake the spray paint before using it.

While considered an easy and fun activity, you must always be cautious and never forget to practice your safety. Those are the quick tips on painting an aged chair by Painter Perth

Monday, September 23, 2013

Painter Perth: Famous Weight Gain Hoax

Being self-conscious is what urges men and women to undergo diet. They may ask for a specific diet from a friend or do some extensive research on diet procedures. But what do they usually get? Stuff like “Do not eat this, eat that, try this out, do this, else you will gain weight” are usually seen. Sometimes you can get contradictory beliefs about gaining weight.
People want to have the best physical appearance. This is an opportunity for some to post different diet plans which has lots of effective claims. In fact, when you try to Google diet methods, there are bunches. Some are scientifically proven and some are not. With great eagerness, people resort to desperate methods like invasive surgeries which can be risky. But you want to get the best results, rushing into things won’t do any good.

How are you going to deal with jungle information? Seek for professional advice of dieticians and even counsellors. Yes, even to counsellors as there are weight gain factors that can affect a person psychologically. Let’s take a review about the common misconceptions of proper diet.

1.       Eat every three hours so you won’t slow down your metabolism. It is indeed one of the most common diet plan scheme. Three to four days with minimal to no food intake may result to undernourishment. But feeling hungry for several hours won’t. If you want to maintain normal blood sugar levels, you do not have to eat every few hours.

2.       Eating at late night results to weight gain. Eating late will not affect the accumulation of kilograms of the same meal eaten earlier in the evening. Study results show that it matters in calorie intakes that the time to when food was consumed.

3.     Caffeine is not good for the health. Most of the negative claims about caffeine intake are hoax. The most common drink which contains caffeine is coffee. Drinking coffee will not dehydrate your body, although you have to make sure that you drink sufficient water as well. In fact, coffee is a good antioxidant. It has lots of useful benefits in the body. It stimulates good brain activity. More so, studies have shown that regular intake of coffee lowers down the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. But as always, too much makes it dangerous.

4.       The healthiest meat is chicken meat. Wrong! The pork and beef meat have no difference with a chicken meat even without the skin. The chicken calories are of the same amount as of a thick beef steak. Pure red meat contains twice as much as iron, vitamin B12 and zinc than turkey and chicken.

If you want a successful diet, follow the proper proportion of food intake. Also avoid food inducing things like large plates and even some kitchen wall paint colours. Perth House Painters and other painting and decorating experts state that colour red induces appetite. Use light colours instead like green and blue in your kitchen paint.

More so, avoid premade meals as these have lots of preservatives and fats. Painter Perth decorators added that you can put some fresh fruits and veggies in the kitchen as part of the decor as diet inspirations. It’s still best to opt for those proven healthy diets.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painter Perth: Reasons Why Emma Watson Is Lovable

The adorable Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born on April 15 in the year 1990. The elegant English actress and model achieved stardom when she played the role of savvy Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, which happens to be one of the highest grossing film franchises off all time.
Emma Watson’s personality is very different from other Hollywood stars, belonging to the same age bracket, that is. She even differs from what the usual female teenagers’ does. 

There are hundreds of reasons why Emma Watson has a number of supporters. Here are some reasons why Emma Watson is lovable:

She was and will forever be Hermione Granger
Emma was first recognised by the world by playing the role of Hermione Granger -- one of the protagonists in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Hermione Granger’s witty and encyclopaedic knowledge was fitting for the personality and appearance of the young Emma Watson.

Emma Watson was 11 years old when she played Hermione Granger in the first of 8 Harry Potter films. Prior to her Harry Potter role, she was already acting in school plays, took several lead roles and won first place in a poetry competition at the age of seven. 

The way Emma Watson brings to life the fictional character of Hermione Granger was incredible that Harry Potter book fans were hooked and impressed. Portrait Magazine recognised Emma’s talent nominated and awarded her fourth place in Portrait Magazine’s top 30 under 30 2008.

Her down to earth personality
Emma’s down to earth personality is probably the reason why she remained controversy-free for the most of her career. What is more impressive is she values her education, in her past interviews she always mention that she has been fighting so hard to have an education. That alone is enough to separate her from typical party animal teenagers.

Critics and paparazzi’s have been eagerly waiting for Emma Watson to fall and have a scandal in her personal life. Since, there had been countless of child-star-turned-addicts-after-growing-up stories in the past, they expect Emma to have one. 

They will and forever be disappointed to know that Emma can handle fame. In one of the interviews she quoted “I don’t know if I’m the least likely person to go off the rails, but I don’t see any need to. It’s not on my agenda. There are too many other things I want to do”.

Her ability to display a sexy look without stripping clothes
The ability to have a sexy pose with your clothes on is a rare talent. One must have that perfect look to stir one’s mind with sexy thoughts, and Emma Watson’s effortless beauty can certainly do it. Her numerous magazine appearances can confirm this bold statement.

Emma has this sexy yet classy look, her keen fashion choice enables her to display her sexiness and at the same time maintain her conservative personality. Though she said in an interview that, “I don’t want people to think fashion is my main thing.” 

Like house colours, Painters Perth admires Watson’s fashion style through the years with her play of colour schemes. Pairing light with dark hues and playing around with trimmings, Watson exudes grace with positivity – something that we all need to learn. 

Amazing talent, self-discipline and charming personality are some of the ingredients that made Emma Watson adorably famous. Perth Painting hopes that not only the ladies in Hollywood would find inspiration from her but also the teenagers from all over the world.

Painter Perth: Life In Colour

Painting companies like Painter Perth value both their clients and products. As many people say, life is like a painting. The light colours represent happiness. The dark ones show sadness. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that dark shade completes the art.

Colours have more than just a thousand shades and so with life. We experience different shades of grief and joy. We might desire to only experience happiness. Yes, it would be much better that way. However, try to think of how are you going to define happiness without the distinction of sorrow?

Shades of Life:

Red is for love. Love is always associated with pain. They’re inseparable. Once you experience love, be ready to get hurt.
Orange is for pride. Accept it, every people has their prides; including you and me. It’s just a matter of how you deal with it. Pride is sometimes altered with dignity, but it’s the contrary of it. If you put your pride over your head, it results to clash. It has the power to destroy years of good relationships. However, pride is the only poison that once swallowed gives cure.
Yellow is success. Success is the fulfilment of goals. Most people are hungry for power, fame and money for they thought it’s what success meant. Those are just flowers of accomplishments. The real fruit blossoms when you finally came to the state of satisfaction.

Green is for healing and nature. Indeed, health is wealth. People tend to disregard health to gain wealth. But it shouldn’t be. Even the richest people suffer from illnesses. Moreover, you can observe that healing and nature go along in the definition of green. One reason is that, nature has all the healing of whatever types of diseases. So if you want holistic health, then go for green.

Blue is for sadness. Blue is pleasing in the eyes; yet it means being lonely as said “feeling blue.” There will always be sadness in the chapters of every story. It may be the loss of loved ones, a product of regret, failure and many more. But you should always remember that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to dance in the rain.

Indigo is for wisdom. Knowledge feeds the brain while wisdom satisfies the soul. Don’t try to answer all the questions in the world because once you find the answer, life changes the question. Just find out the things you need before you opt for those that you want.

Violet is for self-esteem. Sometimes, the darkest shade of our life is the result of lack of confidence. Doubting your worth is a disgrace to your Creator. Don’t ask to be somebody else because you have no idea of their troubles. Instead, believe in your difference because it’s what makes you unique.

Perth Painting makes use of different colours with distinct features to make a perfect piece of art. Those colours have unique personalities and when bound together creates a wonderful sky portrait called rainbow. 

A painter in Perth also added, “Your image is the perfect portrait of life, where you need to add shadows to make it live.”