Thursday, September 19, 2013

Perth Painting: The Lovely Cockroaches

A flying cockroach can scare the living hell out of any person. It does not matter whether an individual is the toughest among the toughest people in the world when you see the insect’s dark red-like wings happily flying towards you. Time stops, heart stops and then BOOM! You find yourself running for your life like thousands of tigers are chasing you.

Cockroaches are dirty annoying insects. But what do people really know about these roaches? This article will give you some facts about these carefree insects.

To begin with, did you know that roaches can live for a week without its head? Yup, a cockroach is scary enough but a headless roach is much scarier. These pests have the natural ability to become a zombie for a week. Imagine waking up and you are face to face with a headless roach that is about to take flight.

A cockroach can show you the meaning of haste. Anyone who has roaches sharing shelter with them knows how they rush for cover after turning the lights on and seeing a roach. Roaches also have high senses; they detect any threats by sensing changes in air currents.

They are swift and are pretty good in evading. They can quickly turn into a different direction while in top speed. So, better practice your swinging arm or you can scream, hide and run like what most people do.
If you think being in a swimming pool or in the water makes you feel safe from roaches. Well, think again because roaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes and can survive underwater for half an hour. These roaches will be delighted to take a dip with you.

The last interesting fact that Painters Perth will give you will either leave you amazed or disgusted. Cockroaches love to be touched! Just like cats, roaches have a passion of getting their body touched. They love the feeling of something touching their bodies, and they love to crawl into tight fits.

One thing Perth house painters can suggest is to keep the environment of your household as clean as possible. But if you are too lazy and tired of keeping it clean, then good luck on cuddling with these heart-stopping bugs.

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