Thursday, September 26, 2013

Painter Perth: Tips on Surviving Freshman Year

College is where the real fun begins. This is the stage where you will experience sleepless nights, either from studying or from partying or even both. This is where you will meet several classes of people that you never knew existed.

The transition from high school to college is not as easy as you think, especially for students who are a bit shy during their high school days. The atmosphere in college is more intense and the people are much brutal compared to your high school days -- but the experience will be surely priceless.

This experience can be as good as having plenty of friends, parties and passing college with good grades or having no friends, no party invites and dropping school. To make sure you survive college, you must first survive being a freshman.

Painter Perth, a leading painting company in Perth, will step out of the box to give you tips on surviving your freshman year in college. 

Be wise in picking your schedule
Choosing your schedule is a very important phase in surviving your freshman year. As mentioned, college is not like high school. Back to back classes are not a good idea in your college years. Choose a schedule where you have medium class intervals.

However, do not pick classes that are too late and too early because you will risk your “party time” and of course, “study time”. If you have a friend that goes to the same school, then it is best to pick classes where you would be classmates.

Attend Classes
Always attend classes, especially the first day. This is where you will know what to expect and you can assess your classmates and professors, --- although not all attends the first day, especially old college students. 

Every meeting in your college classes is important. No matter how tardy and lazy your professor is, you should never miss a class. Going to a class drunk can also be a fun thing in college, just be responsible and cautious, though.

This is also a good way to meet new friends and be invited to parties. Moreover, having good grades and being smart is much sexier more than anything.  

Keep everything balance
The most important thing in life can also be applied in your college days -- that is keeping everything in moderation. Have time to study your lessons and have time to party or go out with friends. Too much of anything can inflict serious mental, emotional and physical damage to anyone.

To those that are planning to live in dormitories, here is a quick tip from Painter Perth decorators: keep your room as comfortable as you want it to be. If you have a roommate, then make an agreement on your house rules.

Going to college is an awesome privilege that many are just dreaming of. So, do not waste yours!Be reminded by Perth Painting to be responsible in everything that you do and to always keep things balanced.

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