Monday, September 23, 2013

Painter Perth: Famous Weight Gain Hoax

Being self-conscious is what urges men and women to undergo diet. They may ask for a specific diet from a friend or do some extensive research on diet procedures. But what do they usually get? Stuff like “Do not eat this, eat that, try this out, do this, else you will gain weight” are usually seen. Sometimes you can get contradictory beliefs about gaining weight.
People want to have the best physical appearance. This is an opportunity for some to post different diet plans which has lots of effective claims. In fact, when you try to Google diet methods, there are bunches. Some are scientifically proven and some are not. With great eagerness, people resort to desperate methods like invasive surgeries which can be risky. But you want to get the best results, rushing into things won’t do any good.

How are you going to deal with jungle information? Seek for professional advice of dieticians and even counsellors. Yes, even to counsellors as there are weight gain factors that can affect a person psychologically. Let’s take a review about the common misconceptions of proper diet.

1.       Eat every three hours so you won’t slow down your metabolism. It is indeed one of the most common diet plan scheme. Three to four days with minimal to no food intake may result to undernourishment. But feeling hungry for several hours won’t. If you want to maintain normal blood sugar levels, you do not have to eat every few hours.

2.       Eating at late night results to weight gain. Eating late will not affect the accumulation of kilograms of the same meal eaten earlier in the evening. Study results show that it matters in calorie intakes that the time to when food was consumed.

3.     Caffeine is not good for the health. Most of the negative claims about caffeine intake are hoax. The most common drink which contains caffeine is coffee. Drinking coffee will not dehydrate your body, although you have to make sure that you drink sufficient water as well. In fact, coffee is a good antioxidant. It has lots of useful benefits in the body. It stimulates good brain activity. More so, studies have shown that regular intake of coffee lowers down the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. But as always, too much makes it dangerous.

4.       The healthiest meat is chicken meat. Wrong! The pork and beef meat have no difference with a chicken meat even without the skin. The chicken calories are of the same amount as of a thick beef steak. Pure red meat contains twice as much as iron, vitamin B12 and zinc than turkey and chicken.

If you want a successful diet, follow the proper proportion of food intake. Also avoid food inducing things like large plates and even some kitchen wall paint colours. Perth House Painters and other painting and decorating experts state that colour red induces appetite. Use light colours instead like green and blue in your kitchen paint.

More so, avoid premade meals as these have lots of preservatives and fats. Painter Perth decorators added that you can put some fresh fruits and veggies in the kitchen as part of the decor as diet inspirations. It’s still best to opt for those proven healthy diets.

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