Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painter Perth: Life In Colour

Painting companies like Painter Perth value both their clients and products. As many people say, life is like a painting. The light colours represent happiness. The dark ones show sadness. But as you go through life’s journey, remember that dark shade completes the art.

Colours have more than just a thousand shades and so with life. We experience different shades of grief and joy. We might desire to only experience happiness. Yes, it would be much better that way. However, try to think of how are you going to define happiness without the distinction of sorrow?

Shades of Life:

Red is for love. Love is always associated with pain. They’re inseparable. Once you experience love, be ready to get hurt.
Orange is for pride. Accept it, every people has their prides; including you and me. It’s just a matter of how you deal with it. Pride is sometimes altered with dignity, but it’s the contrary of it. If you put your pride over your head, it results to clash. It has the power to destroy years of good relationships. However, pride is the only poison that once swallowed gives cure.
Yellow is success. Success is the fulfilment of goals. Most people are hungry for power, fame and money for they thought it’s what success meant. Those are just flowers of accomplishments. The real fruit blossoms when you finally came to the state of satisfaction.

Green is for healing and nature. Indeed, health is wealth. People tend to disregard health to gain wealth. But it shouldn’t be. Even the richest people suffer from illnesses. Moreover, you can observe that healing and nature go along in the definition of green. One reason is that, nature has all the healing of whatever types of diseases. So if you want holistic health, then go for green.

Blue is for sadness. Blue is pleasing in the eyes; yet it means being lonely as said “feeling blue.” There will always be sadness in the chapters of every story. It may be the loss of loved ones, a product of regret, failure and many more. But you should always remember that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to dance in the rain.

Indigo is for wisdom. Knowledge feeds the brain while wisdom satisfies the soul. Don’t try to answer all the questions in the world because once you find the answer, life changes the question. Just find out the things you need before you opt for those that you want.

Violet is for self-esteem. Sometimes, the darkest shade of our life is the result of lack of confidence. Doubting your worth is a disgrace to your Creator. Don’t ask to be somebody else because you have no idea of their troubles. Instead, believe in your difference because it’s what makes you unique.

Perth Painting makes use of different colours with distinct features to make a perfect piece of art. Those colours have unique personalities and when bound together creates a wonderful sky portrait called rainbow. 

A painter in Perth also added, “Your image is the perfect portrait of life, where you need to add shadows to make it live.”

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