Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painter Perth’s Guide to Painting Aged Wooden Chairs

Painting an aged wooden chair can be a fun activity. Whether the reason is restoring the quality of the chair, exploring your artistic side or painting out of boredom, you will surely have a fun time because you can simply start over if you do not like the outcome.
Painter in Perth, a leading painting company, gives you a simple guideline on how to effectively paint an aged wooden chair. Preparing and setting all the materials needed is obviously the first thing to do. After the materials have been prepared, follow these simple tips and you are all set.

Give the old chair a nice bath

Wash your aged chair thoroughly with a piece of cloth that is soaked in water and soap. This is to remove the God knows how many years’ worth of cobwebs and dust on it. Let it air-dry or for faster results, you can use a fan.

A rough aged chair needs to be smoothen

Use a sandpaper to remove old paint as well as to smooth the rough surface of the chair. In case there are nail holes or any imperfections, it is advised to use Wood putty. Allow the chair to dry before using the handy sand paper for clearing the excess Wood putty.

Wipe out the remaining dirt in the aged chair

Use a specialized wiping cloth, tack cloth, to clean off all the dust made by the sand paper. This is the last step before the fun begins. Also, remember to use a slightly damp tack cloth and let it dry before moving on.

The Painting Part

This is where the fun part begins.  However, first you need to put a cloth under the chair to catch all the paint spills. Prepare the paint by carefully stirring it and it is best if you flip the chair and start with the legs, then the rest of the body.

Use different kinds of colours and you can be as abstract as you can. Try using different sizes of paintbrush to make the painting activity more fun.

Perth Painting suggests using spray paints if you are looking for a fast-paced painting activity. Make sure to properly shake the spray paint before using it.

While considered an easy and fun activity, you must always be cautious and never forget to practice your safety. Those are the quick tips on painting an aged chair by Painter Perth

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