Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Painter in Perth–How to Choose the Best Paint Colours

painter in perth

Before contacting or hiring a painter in Perth, it is crucial to have an idea of what colour combination you want to be applied to the room you plan on being painted. Aside from saving yourself the time to discuss things with him, you can also avoid the risks of getting the colours all wrong. Research can help you achieve the right look. And if you have found this article looking for paint ideas, then you have come to the right place.

When it comes to room or home colours, there are various places that you can pick ideas from for inspiration:
  •     Home decorating books and magazines – there’s no other obvious source for interior design photos than magazines. Even old magazines can hold a treasure of ideas for you to consider.

  •   Online sources – Remodeling and interior design websites are another quick reference that you can look into. With one click, you can already browse through tens, hundreds and even thousands of photos.
  •    Art and nature – for the more creative, you can get ideas from just anywhere just as long as you see beauty in it. Look at paintings, artworks, gardens and other landscapes. If you can’t seem to find a photo to look at and have a hard time envisioning how some colours would complement each other, look for a photo of another thing that has all the colours you need. Example, if you want to have an idea how reds, violets and greens look together; you can look at a photo of a fuchsia flower.
  •    Painter – in Perth, or wherever you plan on hiring a professional; a lot of companies offer free consultation. So during the hiring or selection process, you can take advantage of their expertise by asking them straight away for advise.

Paint Colour Selection Tips
Aside from ideas, there are also paint colour selection tips that a skilled painter in Perth can advise you on like: 
  •    Colour swatches offer a lighter shade compared on how the paint would actually look when already coating the walls. So it would be best to go for a colour that is a shade or two lighter than your choice.
  •    If you want to create a more spacious look to the room, light and neutral colours would work best.
  •   Choose the right type of interior paint finish considering how the room is used. If you will be remodeling the bedroom, the glossier type would be more ideal for constant exposure to moisture and spills. However, if the walls are not in great condition, the flaws would be more obvious.
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